My Humble Opinion on the Bible

The Bible is the ultimate book. It is the inspired Word of God, that should be used to guide our lives. However, you would think that a book that has all the answers should be read and studied by all, well it’s not. With all the “Thou’s” and “Shalt’s” folks can be easily deterred. Many believe that the Word should be left up to the preacher’s. Well it’s part of my job to help the “everyone’s” to better understand His Word. I want folks to love His Word more than Taylor Swift, Toby Keith or how fast the next new Corvette is (ouch, that one hits close to home). Not that I’m calling anything but Jesus “evil” and should not be listened too are participated in, what I’m saying is simply to put Him first! Over the next days, weeks and years we will study different characters in the Bible. My goal is to help people understand that they were real people that dealt with real issues and there are valuable lessons to be learned. So buckle up and let’s study the good, the bad and the ugly! 🙂

Musings of Norbert