Personal Vision Statement

Now that I’ve posted the Family Vision Statement, it is only natural to talk a bit about a Personal Vision Statement.  My personal vision statement is “To Help People”.  The best way I think I can fulfill that statement is through Jesus Christ.  Now the “how-to” through Jesus is expansive. However, one way I’m fulfilling it, is that I’m a full-time Pastor.  Pretty straight forward, I’m helping people through the church. I believe a second part of my vision has to do with finances.  I want to not only lead people to Christ, I want to also help pay their mortgages.  What I mean is that I want to be not only helpful spiritually but financially.  Herein lies my “thorns” that have caused me great pain and have kept me humble.  The church part I got right, the financial side has taken me years to hone (after near financial destruction).  By no stretch of the imagination am I rich, however, I have taught myself some skills that over the next several years will help me fulfill that part of my vision. Never quit discovering and rewriting your vision until it perfectly fits who you are. Wake up!  I’m finished writing 🙂

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