Solomon’s Struggle with Insecurity

When you think of King Solomon, usually you think of a great king that had it all; wisdom, women, riches and the favor of God.  But I believe beneath this seemly successful exterior was a frightened young boy, trying to find his way.  It was this deep seated insecurity that caused him to depart from the ways of God later in his years. Here is my reasoning.  First of all, God had to speak to him in a dream.  Solomon would not have been able to process how great his destiny would be if he was awake.  Often, God will speak to us in dreams in order to bypass our carnal logic.  Secondly, when the Lord asked Solomon what should He give him, Solomon did not ask for wisdom, he simply asked for the ability to judge the people fairly.  Solomon new he was not a great warrior, like his father, as a matter of fact, he was the product of an affair and murder.  Fear was gripping him, it can be seen when he says that he was but a little child, not knowing if he was coming or going.  Solomon was scared and overwhelmed early in his reign. When scared and overwhelmed we must do what Solomon did, simply ask God to teach us to determine what is right and wrong.  That simple!  When we walk the “right” way, God will take care of everything else.  When Solomon asked for the ability to judge between what is right and wrong, God said that he would not only give him what he has requested but a whole list of other things that made him great.   God is waiting to bless you beyond your dreams, ask Him to help you see the difference between right and wrong. Text Reference: 1 Kings 3:5-14    

Musings of Norbert