David: A Complicated Man

David is a fascinating character to study. He is so complicated. In one sense he seems to be on track like every other megalomaniacal tyrant by naming a city after himself, the City of David,. Then in an other you have this story. One day David and his men are resting between battles with the Philistines and in a slight moment of desperation (kinda like a pregnant woman needing her chocolate at 2 am), he blurts out that, “how he would love to have water from the wells of Bethlehem”. His men are so dedicated and talented that they take this insignificant desire and the scripture tells us that they went behind enemy lines to get him a few cups of water. They bring him this water but David says he can’t drink it and pours it out on the ground. What a waste! What a slap in the the face to men that displayed so much courage! However, here is where we see the true humility of David, one of the attributes that made him great, one of the many attributes that protected him from becoming self serving. He poured that water out because he wanted to make a statement that at no time will he allow the lives of his men/people be second to his personal desires. What an example to follow! As a leader, always put people first. Never allow them to serve your every whim, it can quickly distort the perception of yourself (thinking of yourself more highly, that you ought). Stay humble, stay faithful to the cause and you will survive spears thrown at you, you will survive the ambushes of the enemy and finally one day you become what He has destined for you to be. Text: 2 Samuel 23

Musings of Norbert