David’s Introduction to the World

David was first introduced to the world when he battled the giant, Goliath. Now, I realize this story is very popular in children’s Sunday school, however, it cannot be isolated into simply a children’s tale. This will be the first of many posts about this battle between David and Goliath. What stands out immediately as this story unfolds is it’s location. The battle occurred in the Valley of Elah. I find this location fascinating because not only did David save the people of Israel from countless deaths if a battle had ensued but he also was promised by King Saul that if he killed Goliath, that he would give him his daughter and he would no longer have to pay taxes. (Now not paying taxes and getting a hot wife may have been a large enough incentive to put his life on the line, but we know there was a bigger story brewing.) He defeats this giant and overnight becomes a national hero. However, this location also served as a hiding place for David when he fled from the wrath of Saul. The Cave of Adullum is located in the Valley of Elah. I am amazed at the irony of this tale, David, in his most desperate moments in life, returning to the place he orchestrated his greatest victory. In life, when we feel defeated, abandoned, betrayed and disheartened, we must return to the place that reminds us of our greatest victory! I’m not sure where that place is for you, but if you can find it, as the Word says “..nothing is impossible with God…” Be encouraged today, remember the good times, they often take the bite out of the bad ones. Text: 1 Samuel 17

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