David’s Introduction to the World Part II

As the story of David and Goliath unfolds, Samuel intentionally spends time describing Goliath’s physical attributes. He introduces Goliath with the fact that he was a champion. Then he goes into his height (over 9ft tall!) and wingspan. If that wasn’t enough he points out how heavy the armor he wore weighed. This description was intended to make it clear that Goliath had no equal among the ranks of the Israelites. Introducing David as the answer to Israel’s problem was so outrageous. He was a shepherd with no military training. There are two thoughts that need to be chewed on. First, Goliath was a real threat, a real problem – one that couldn’t be overcome with normal means. Secondly, the answer to Israel’s problem was so unorthodox, so “out of the box” that it was impossible to believe. This part of the story is not unlike our own lives. We face real threats, real problems and situations that can be life altering or ending. But there is an answer! It may not come in the way we think it should or will it look like it can even make a dent in our situation. But we have to believe there is an answer. In upcoming entries we look into how to recognize an answer or solution. We will become experts at identifying the intervention of God and how to respond to it. These are only a few keys that will help us unlock those opportunities that He has created for us to become great.

Musings of Norbert