David’s Introduction to the World Part III

Continuing in our look at this story of David and Goliath a mystery is revealed. Jesse (David’s daddy) sends him to take some food to his brothers, who are busy cowering from the taunts of Goliath. Jesse wanted his boys to be well fed but also wanted David to give him an update on the battle. Unbeknownst to David, this act of obedience, as simple as it may seem was the difference between him remaining the overlooked younger brother or walking through the door that led to his destiny. God works in the small things. He enjoys taking the things that seem mundane, overlooked, unworthy and transforming them into something that was never expected or possible. The Bible says (paraphrased) “despise not small beginnings”, in other words be keenly aware that you may do something today so small, that could be easily considered insignificant, but it may be the door that opens into the next stage of your life. Live everyday with that expectancy and you’ll never be bored!

Musings of Norbert