David’s Introduction to the World Part IV (Final)

As we close this story of David’s life, most know that David defeats Goliath with a single sling shot blow to the head. Subsequently, the Philitstines are routed by the Israelite army. There are two glaring points that I don’t want to be overlooked by the whole granduer of the story. David had to deal with alot of stuff before he was given permission to battle Goliath. His final inquisitor was Saul the king. This was an interesting back and forth because Saul looked at this kid and thought there was no way he could win. However, David gave him a convincing argument. As a shepherd he had already killed a lion and a bear, who were trying to make a gourmet meal out of his sheep. Not only did he kill them, he describes that he grabbed one by the beard in the process. I don’t know about you, but the lion at the zoo is the closest I ever want to get to one, let alone hold something that deadly so close. So point #1 would be, before you face the Goliath of your life, you’ve got to train and conquer the smaller trials. And this type of training is usually done all alone, you, God and that terror that must be conquered; off somewhere in a field in the middle of the night (your darkest hour). Overcome that and you can see why David was so certain he could defeat Goliath. The second point is to realize that David’s victory consisted of three main ingredents: belief, skill and divine favor. He believed that God would help him, he had the skill to pull it off (lion and bear story) and finally, God was there to lend a hand. God is always with us, the Bible says that He will never leave us or forsake us. Always remember, those trials in our lives are meant to help us grow, so that we can confidently face the larger issues in life, because they will always come. Like the kids say “Ready or not here I come”. Finally, combine your unwavering belief that He is for you with the skill you’ve gained and God will do the rest. Be encouraged, you can and will conquer the impossible. Text: 1 Samuel 17

Musings of Norbert