Dealing with Disappointment

Before we continue our study of the life of David, I want to take a moment and make something very clear. The Bible is not a book full of metaphors to help us become “better”, the Bible is not a collection of fairy tales or fables. The Bible is a compilation of stories, stories about real people that faced real issues. The ultimate purpose of the Bible is to point us to the person of Jesus Christ – THE PERSON. He was real, he did walk this earth, he was killed, rose from the dead and lives today. As, kooky as that may sound it is true! Ok…ok, I’ll stop being “preachy” – I just can’t help it sometimes. My purpose in life is to help people and every once in a while I’ll get out on my own and mess things up. But there is one thing I’m certain of – Jesus is the answer. This blog doesn’t afford me the space to expound on many of the truths we discuss, but I am in the middle of writing a book that will go in greater detail. Hopefully, it will be out next year (shameful plug ;)). I leave you with this… I am not a scientist or a professionally trained apologist but I am a witness. You can’t tell me that I didn’t see something when I really did. Police officers are taught when taking witness statements at a crime scene (Rachel and I watch way too much Law & Order) that it is possible that 5 people could give 5 differing accounts of the situation. However, as believers, we “witness” Him every day; not just on a single occasion that can be very easily misunderstood. If you’re struggling with this concept of God, what is a Christian or you’re already a believer that feels like you’re getting the raw end of the deal; take your time and explore the document that He created to give us all the answers we need to succeed – The Bible. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Lay out all your questions, talk to Him about all your doubts and see what He has to say. You’ll never be disappointed!

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