David’s Disappointment Part 1

Before we delve into exactly what his particular disappointment was (he had many but we will only touch on one in this series of entries), the story must be developed. We start in 1 Samuel 16:14 (every entry will have the scripture we are focusing on at the bottom). God has rejected Saul as King and has gone ahead and selected David as his successor (God had Samuel do this on the “downlow” for various reasons, one being that David was not ready to reign). Two things happened to Saul when he was rejected, first the Bible says that “…the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul…”. The second is that an “…evil spirit from the Lord troubled him”. There is a spiritual principle that must be recognized here: we were designed to be occupied! Who is sitting on the throne of your life? Who is giving you direction and fulfillment? It can’t be done on our own. This is why people are constantly searching for enlightenment, to find themselves or dive into every kind of destructive behavior to fill a void. Others may throw themselves into their work, “what I do for a living” becomes who I am, or they give themselves to their children to find out after the nest is empty, so are they (this explains in part how a couple can divorce after 20 plus years of marriage). Jesus said “He that is not with me is against me…”(Matt12:30). This scripture isn’t meant to imply that if we are not sold out, hair on fire Christians that we are the devil, not at all. In keeping with the story of Saul, if God is not the center of our life, something else is and that something else, no matter if it is good or bad, will never lead us to the fulfilling life He has designed. In Saul’s case an evil spirit took the place of His Spirit, in our case it may not be an evil spirit that consumes us, but it may be a simple distraction that slowly and innocently leads us away from Him. Keep this basic principle in mind: if something doesn’t strengthen your relationship with the Lord, chances are that it is weakening it. Let’s close this entry with addressing the 800lb gorilla in the room. The scripture clearly states that the “evil spirit” was from the Lord. A contradiction can appear to the uninformed; how in the world can a perfect, holy God have any evil in Him? How can God do something evil to someone? Well He doesn’t! There is Biblical precedent for this point that can be found in Job (another study), but to make it simple, if you walk outside in the rain with an umbrella and decide you no longer want to stay under the umbrella, you are going to get wet! Staying in His presence affords us much protection; when we choose to go our own way, we limit Him. Remember the enemy is constantly trying to destroy us, God is constantly trying to protect us, but if continue running into the rain without an umbrella, we will get wet. Getting back under the umbrella is a simple process, “Lord forgive me for going my own way, I surrender to your will, have your way in my life”. Go for it, if there is still breath in your lungs, you’ve got a chance. Text: 1 Samuel 16:14

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