David’s Disappointment Part 2

This story continues to lead us to David’s first major disappointment. Saul is now troubled and bothered by an “evil spirit” and his not too wise counselors are going to help him out. Instead of giving him the right advice – he should’ve repented to God and Samuel so that maybe his final years as king wouldn’t have been so tempestuous. However, they decide to make the best out of the situation on their own. When it comes to the things of God, whenever we try to “fix” things on our own, they will always go wrong! Some red flags immediately pop up as these bozo’s begin to “help“ Saul. First, in verse 15 (I Samuel 16) they state the fact that the “evil spirit” is from the Lord, then quickly in verse 16 they refer to Saul as lord and request him to command them to do the very thing they were advising! Let’s look at this. His advisors were fostering an adversarial relationship between Saul and God by blaming God for the “evil spirit”. In fact, God had allowed it, but like Part 1 explains, Saul walked out from underneath the umbrella. Keep in mind, kings in those days often considered themselves gods. The whole reason for Saul becoming king was because the people of Israel wanted to be like other nations; they were now getting what they asked for. Saul’s first act as king without God is to make a command that he didn’t even come up with. His advisors refer to him as lord, in my opinion, a clear attempt to garner a comparison between him and God, although it was common for a king to be called lord. I still think they were trying to help Saul see himself on the same level as God. Then they tell him to make a command to search for a musician (David) that would be so anointed that the “evil spirit” will leave and he can return to his old self. They were trying to create an alternative solution to restore his kingdom without God. This is foolishness at its highest level. A small point to note is that the anointing of God will lift burdens, heaviness and yes, even an “evil spirit” but if we don’t stay in relationship with Him, all the ugliness comes back. This is what happens to people in church; a service can be dynamic and inspiring providing a sense of relief, but without transformation troubles return. In this case, God is often blamed for abandoning us or letting us down, but in reality it was us that declined His offer live in a peace that surpasses understanding. When we begin to think we know better than God, trouble is lurking. Be careful of your advisors, as well meaning as they may be, they could be assisting you down the path of destruction, disillusionment, disappointment, failure or even death. In my book, there is only one way and that is His way! As we continue this series, through the life of David, His way will become more and more clear. Take one day at a time; there IS a champion inside. Text: 1 Samuel 16

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