Tragedy, Disappointment and David

David’s road to reaching his destiny or if I can say it more simply, reaching the pinnacle of his life begins with disappointment. 1 Samuel 16 is broken into two parts. The first, him being anointed by Samuel to be King Saul’s successor and the second, is David being invited to play his harp before the King to exorcise this evil spirit. Samuel purposely connects these two sections together to show us that a Word from God never comes to pass until He has properly prepared us. If I tell my ten year old that I’m going to buy him a car, it would be absurd to think that I would allow him to drive at his age. If I did allow him to drive, it would be putting him in incredible danger. God uses many methods to train us to handle our future; of those methods are tests and trials. How can we be certain we know something until it has been tested? The chapter closes with Saul loving David and requests of Jesse (David’s father) to allow him to move closer to his new job. David must have been ecstatic, his life was going according to plan; Saul would be his mentor, his instructor in becoming a great king. What is that idiom? “…the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray…” As the story continues, Saul becomes more and more despondent eventually throwing spears at David attempting to kill him. Many of us can relate to how devastating this must have been to David. When our dreams are tragically shattered from unforeseen forces; hopelessness, despair and depression try to take hold. But what makes David so special is that instead of allowing those destructive feelings to strike the final blow, he looks to God. We cannot control the behavior of others but God can take what was meant to destroy us and turn it into a weapon to be used to vanquish future foes that would attempt to impede our God-given dreams from becoming true. Let us learn from David’s example, when obstacles prevent us from staying on the path; ask God for help to navigate through the uncertainty that we may reach our destination! Understand that disappointments are a part of life, how we handle them determines our future. This closes are chapter on David’s disappointment. ! Samuel 16

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