Christmas Eve 2012

Well we can no longer say that Christmas is coming – it is here! I hope all your shopping is done including buying those special ingredients for those once a year meals. Christmas can be many things to many people. For some, Christmas is a time to celebrate, a time to gather with loved ones, while for others it’s an additional reminder of loss, pain and loneliness. During this season I make a point to balance my joyfulness by praying for those that have been denied or robbed of this pleasure. The parents of Sandy Hook Elementary, the families of the brave soldiers that gave their lives for our freedom and children around the world that the least of their concerns is a gift on Christmas Day, a full belly would be enough. I am thankful for what God has blessed me and my family with, but as a Christian I would be a failure if I didn’t do my part to be a blessing to someone less fortunate. Christmas is about Christ, Jesus Christ. He was a gift. In turn, we must become “gifts”. Be a blessing, a gift to someone. Give without expecting anything in return. Remember, Jesus gave His life for us knowing that many would squander it, while other’s would simply reject it. Nevertheless, He gave! Accept God’s gift, then become a gift; in doing so we allow the light of God to evict darkness from all around us. Celebrate and enjoy, but never forget the price that was paid for us to do so. Merry Christmas.

Musings of Norbert