Christmas Day 2012

Parents unite! We must unionize and our first order of business is to declare that Christmas morning does not begin until after 7am and a minimum of 1 cup of coffee has been properly enjoyed. All in favor say, Aye! My oldest decided to wake at 4am, considering I had only been asleep for 2 hours that wasn’t going to fly. The anticipation of a good thing often trumps our normal routine. However, time has a way of eroding that excitement and hope. This brings us to Christmas Day. Over the last several weeks, pulpits around the world implored us to remember the “Reason for the Season”, avoid the trap of material things and focus on baby Jesus. Yep, I said baby Jesus. Why? Because before He was healer of the blind, the dead-raiser and saviour to all mankind, He began as a little bitty baby. Although He was God at birth, His time to act on our behalf had not yet arrived. Every good thing begins small and grows into the season in which it was born for. We struggle with unfulfilled promises, life derailing situations and many other hinderances that would seem to steal from us our God given destiny. But He has a way of working things out for those that believe unabashedly in Him, through thick and thin. The Israelites never thought the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would show Himself through a virgin and her baby (doesn’t make too much sense, huh?) Never stop believing, He will use the things that make no sense or seemingly have no meaning to birth our miracle. Look in the small things for answers, for directions, for a friend; who would have ever thought to look in a stable and see lying in a manger the Bridge that would once again unite mankind with our Maker! Merry Christmas.

Musings of Norbert