Monthly Archives: January 2013

His Way Of Doing Things

We all have heard a song for the first time and suddenly, without warning it collides with all we have become up until that very point. As if, the songwriter was thinking of our life while putting the masterpiece together. It becomes “your” song or “our” song. The music speaks to us, in some sort […]

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How To Deal With Being Overwhelmed

Step #1 Get a pen and piece of paper. -Solving a real problem requires that we get all aspects down in writing no matter how insignificant the thought may seem. Step #2 Define what it means to be overwhelmed. – I’ll do the work on this one. Overwhelmed means to be buried under a huge […]

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The Ultimate Video Game Designer

I was watching my kids play this video game the other day (ok maybe I wasn’t just watching, it’s possible I played a round or two, don’t judge me, lol!) and each time the character was on the brink of dying, he had to find “health units” that were placed in plain sight. However, the […]

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Downloading the Blueprint of Life

Just got off the red-eye from a week in California, feeling a bit jet lagged and without doubt sleep deprived. So if I sound a little out there today, I have an excuse, ha! Downloading the Blueprint of Life is a look at the life of the Apostle Paul. As I’ve said before, I believe […]

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David and Nabal Part 2

There is a time in all our lives that we must stand on our own two feet. It’s sort of a “rite of passage”; when we come to believe in ourself, when the realization that we are on this world for a reason sets in. Sadly, not everyone embraces this time. David is faced with […]

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Musings of Norbert