David and Nabal Part 1

Problems are a part of life and as soon as we come to grips with that concept we can view them as opportunities rather than closed doors. The story of David and this snarly, cheat of a man Nabal begins with a punch in the gut for David. The scripture opens with this bleak, emotionless statement of fact “And Samuel died…”. As we recall, Samuel annointed David to succeed King Saul; not only was he a great source of encouragement, he was his mentor-now he was gone. David must have felt like the loneliness man on earth. The nation he was chosen to lead not only did not want him but wanted him dead. Talk about rejection! Just think, we get all bent out of shape when someone cuts us off the road or jumps ahead of us at Wal-Mart. God has a way of leading us to the next level in life. Natural compassion would demand that David be comforted and reminded that everything was going to be alright. However, God introduces Nabal, a man that burglarizes David at his lowest point. One way of seeing this would be “What kind of God would be so cold and harsh to His own?”. The other way of seeing it would be “Only the greatest coaches know how far to push when creating greatness”! The story of Nabal is a tale of the Great Coach pushing David to the brink, so that he could understand that everything needed to accomplish his destiny was already here. We have two choices; believe God is mean, hateful and irrelevant or believe that our future is so great that a simple one hour Zumba class is not enough to prepare us for the marathon of life. Perspective is everything. He created today for you, enjoy and grow. 1 Samuel 25

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