David and Nabal Part 2

There is a time in all our lives that we must stand on our own two feet. It’s sort of a “rite of passage”; when we come to believe in ourself, when the realization that we are on this world for a reason sets in. Sadly, not everyone embraces this time. David is faced with the death of his mentor and a nation trying to kill him. His time to fly the nest is provoked by this man Nabal. Nabal is shearing the sheep of David, basically stealing wool. Now keep in mind that David is no lightweight, he is a seasoned warrior that has proven himself in battle on more than one occasion. You would think that David would just come in and whoop Nabal’s tail and be done with it. However, there are two ways we can look at this story. David could sweep in like a storm and deal violently with Nabal or he could act like a king (before actually being one-there is a lesson by itself) and attempt a peaceful solution. David opts for the peaceful solution, which is a strategic one. In order for him to win the hearts of the people he is to lead one day, he must show them that not only can he defend them with the sword, he can be diplomatic as well. The turning point in David’s life as a king happens when Nabal rejects his diplomatic efforts. Specifically, Nabal poses a question to David’s servants that causes him to make a choice: accept who he has been called to be despite all the hardships or run away and hope to fight another day. Nabal’s insulting query was “Who is this David?”. A seemigly logical question, but a question that would ring in eternity for David because at that very moment he moved from being a servant boy with a promise, to a man that was the promise. It is through life’s trials that we discover our true identity. Ironically, David did not take Nabal’s question lightly and was determined to kill him. He knew who he was and was going to defend and protect what rightfully belonged to him, but God has a way of fighting the battles for us after we’ve learned our lesson. God spoke to David and I paraphrase, “I got this one David…”, the scripture goes on to say that God ended Nabal’s miserable life and gave his wife to David. See troubles as opportunities, seize the opportunities to learn. A person that understands this will never lack. Our provision can be found in our problems. Get fired up about attacking the things that have caused so many years of pain, ask Him for directions on how to handle it and watch life blossom into what it was destined to be. 1Samuel 25

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