Downloading the Blueprint of Life

Just got off the red-eye from a week in California, feeling a bit jet lagged and without doubt sleep deprived. So if I sound a little out there today, I have an excuse, ha! Downloading the Blueprint of Life is a look at the life of the Apostle Paul. As I’ve said before, I believe God uses people in the Bible to mentor us. We all want a mentor, someone to give us instructions on how to navigate this rugged life; to comfort and encourage us when we fall. He has made it possible, we’ve just got to look closely. Downloading the Blueprint of Life will be begin by examining the disciples that actually physically walked with Jesus and Paul who only heard Jesus. Paul, arguably, is the second most important person in Christian history, following Jesus, of course. He was responsible for nurturing and guiding the early church. And to think he was killing believers before His conversion! He did all this by downloading everything needed through prayer and study of the Word. What do you need? If He did it for Paul He can do it for you. Downloading the Blueprint of Life is a series that I will begin teaching this week at Bethesda Bible Church in Ypsilanti, MI. Every Wednesday beginning at 7pm for the next 12 weeks. We have some praise & worship (can’t talk about God without praisin’ Him first), then we jump into about a 45 minute session. Can’t make it out, join us on the web at and click on the LIVE STREAM banner. See you then!

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