The Ultimate Video Game Designer

I was watching my kids play this video game the other day (ok maybe I wasn’t just watching, it’s possible I played a round or two, don’t judge me, lol!) and each time the character was on the brink of dying, he had to find “health units” that were placed in plain sight. However, the key was that he had to disengage from the mission and seek them out. Once a certain amount was gathered he was as good as new! Don’t we wish life was that straight forward? That when the tank was about empty all we had to do was seek out some sort of “health units”. When life had beaten us up pretty good that all we had to do is take a break and search out something that would give us strength again so the mission could continue. God is good and He has set us up to win. He is like a great video game designer, or should I say that they are like Him? Each game is built with everything a player needs to win, but mixed in are enough obstacles to make it, dare I say, fun. Games that are quickly solved are considered childish or poorly engineered, but games that are more complicated, complex, that require a greater level of skill are rated a 9 out of 10. Life complicated, complex or just plain hard? Maybe it’s because we are a 9 out of 10. Those games that are the highest ranked are the most expensive and are in the greatest demand. Some even morph into blockbuster movies. No matter the difficulty level, remember God has put “health units” all around so that we can win this game of life. As the day moves on we must remember that He has set us up to win. Jeremiah 29:11 confirms that His intentions are exactly that. Now go get some “health units” and beat today’s “level”.

Musings of Norbert