How To Deal With Being Overwhelmed

Step #1 Get a pen and piece of paper. -Solving a real problem requires that we get all aspects down in writing no matter how insignificant the thought may seem. Step #2 Define what it means to be overwhelmed. – I’ll do the work on this one. Overwhelmed means to be buried under a huge mass or defeated. Step #3 Make a list of all the things that make you feel overwhelmed. -Begin the list with things that make you feel bad, depressed or angry. Step #4 Take some Hershey’s chocolate, pour it on the paper and eat your problem away! STOP! I was just kidding. Making a list of the things that make us feel overwhelmed does two things. 1. Reduces the feeling to a problem that can be solved. 2. Free’s our mind to come up with answers needed to dig out of the hole we found ourselves in. A problem can never be resolved until it is identified. Also, chances are, you are not the first person to struggle with what is weighing you down. If somesone else can make it, so can you! Begin writing and searching for the answers, one by one.

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