His Way Of Doing Things

We all have heard a song for the first time and suddenly, without warning it collides with all we have become up until that very point. As if, the songwriter was thinking of our life while putting the masterpiece together. It becomes “your” song or “our” song. The music speaks to us, in some sort of peculiar way, it represents us. We find comfort in the soothing blend of lyric and melody. Oddly, the “nowness” of the song diminishes the reality that this song took months even years to produce; probably, well before we were ever in the place we are now. This is one of many wonderful ways God is “there” for us. He knows we are going to stumble, so He makes sure someone is there to patch us up, other times He allows things to happen. His ways are much higher than ours, says the Bible. Not everything can be explained away in 300 or less words, but the next time He sends that “breath of fresh air”, take it in and thank Him. Expect His goodness. Don’t believe me, try Him; already did – didn’t work, try again. Sometimes it is as easy as getting a ladder and looking over the wall we built to keep out disappointment, abandonment and vulnerability. He will never fail us, that is His promise, not my inspiring word of the day! God bless you.

Musings of Norbert