God Will Send Help

Time to return to the saga of David; in this piece we will explore how God sent David tangible help in his greatest hour of need. David is facing, I believe, one of his greatest challenges.  His expectations and trust had just been crushed by his mentor, Saul.  David has every reason to hate leadership, to distrust authority and to ultimately turn his back on God, but he doesn’t; this is what makes David great, in his lowest point he still calls on God. How does God respond to David’s pain? By sending him real-tangible help.  Too often we see God’s help as simply a form of positive thinking, “He’ll help you through this…” kind of approach, which sometimes a better perspective would change things; but His help is true and real.  In David’s case, He sends Jonathan to the rescue.  A very confusing choice, considering David was going to take the very place Jonathan was to occupy (Jonathan was the son of King Saul). The Bible says that their “souls were knit together” and that “they made a covenant with each other”.  We must be very careful who we “knit our souls together” with and who we “make covenant” with; when we need help He sends it but so does the enemy!  We must be smart not to take the first bidder but take the one He has chosen for us even when the answer seems to be the end (remember Jonathan had motive to have David killed).  His ways are higher than ours, says the Word.  Trust in Him, not in our own understanding, sounds so “churchy”, but because it sounds “churchy” doesn’t mean it is wrong.  Trust Him, Believe in Him – it may not go the way we planned, but it will end up the way we dreamed.  Be encouraged, you rock! 1 Samuel 18

Musings of Norbert