Bethesda’s “Reach” Plan

Evangelism is a foundation word in Christianity; the concept is “to share the gospel”. What is the gospel? It is simply “the good news of Jesus Christ”. I will use another entry to break that down, but for now I want to stress the importance having a plan “to share the gospel”. Here at Bethesda we have a three step approach to “sharing the gospel”. 1. Location, Location, Location! -Our property is located on a very busy thoroughfare in Ypsilanti, MI. The Washtenaw Road Commision did a study some years back and concluded that 13,000 cars use this road daily. We have many that come to our church because they see our facility to and from work everyday. God uses an inanimate object to reach people! If a building can share His good news, how much more can we do? 2. Partying! -Ok, maybe that’s not the best word to use for this point, but it did get your attention 😉 We create events that are fun to be a part of. God is not a stuffy old man that we have to be quiet around fearing He will wake up grumpy! If we have a genuine relationship with Jesus, we will be a joy to be around. The Bible calls it “…joy unspeakable”. St. Francis of Assisi said “Preach the gospel use words if necessary”. Sharing our lives and what we’ve been blessed with is an intregal part of “sharing the gospel”. 3. Sphere Reach -Dr. Lance Wallnau came to our church some years ago and taught on our “Sphere of Influence”. Simply put, it is the people we interact with on a daily basis – family, friends and associates; that we can make the greatest impact. Instead of starting off by saving the world how about we begin by raising our children right or meeting the needs of those immediately around us? At Bethesda our final step in our 2013 plan “to share the gospel” is to pray for and believe that every member of our family would have a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. So what we have done is had our church write down the names of unsaved loved ones and we commit to pray for them all year long. We are convinced that by the end of the year He will respond to our prayers and as He does we will cross their names off this list. If you are not a member of Bethesda we welcome you to submit the name(s) of your loved one(s) via email ( and we will add them to our prayer time. With all that said and being done, we simply want to reach as many as we can with the good news of Jesus Christ; what they do with it, is between them and God, but we love them no matter what choice they make. I believe this is what Jesus would do and actually has done. Continue pursuing Him!

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