Being Certain About Hearing God

The question I get asked often is how can you be certain that God has spoken to you?  I believe there are 3 sure-fire ways to know with certainty He has. 1. Does the Bible support it? This one is a little touchy because if you don’t know the Word, you’ll think I’m crazy.  For instance, if you are trying to decide if your current significant other is the “one”; chances are that there will not be a verse that says “Suzy you will marry Jerome.” However, there is a chapter that describes what love is and if you have “it”, then let the wedding bells sound. 2. Consult with someone that knows more than you. You’d be a fool to ask investment advice from someone that has less money than you; then why would you ask just anyone about matters of faith?  Find someone that knows His Word, whose life exemplifies Jesus Christ. 3.  Peace After steps 1 & 2 are completed, the question you must ask yourself is, do I have peace?  Am I comfortable with it?  When God speaks, despite what is said, a peace should always be present. When all three steps are confirmed, take it to the bank; He has spoken.  Practice hearing His voice because He loves to talk to us.

Musings of Norbert