Getting Directions and Answers

Many of us walk through life following the motions of Christianity but not really knowing Jesus Christ. One of the primary reasons why we do this is because we don’t understand fully what is expected of us as believers. To traverse over this obstacle we must employ two solutions: the first being prayer and the second being reading His Word. The Bible can be a very difficult read. But as many of our mothers have said “anything worth having is worth working for”. The Bible also says don’t cast your pearls before swine. Life is not easy; it demands real answers to be implemented for us to become everything we were created to become. So we must spend time in the Bible to understand each of the golden nuggets that it has for us, in the end the price that we pay will be well worth it. If you are looking for a word from God it can be found in his Word. Take time to understand the Bible and you’ll find every answer you need is there. It may not be obvious, it may be a bit abstract but it will be there. As for prayer – This has to do with talking to God, which can be a bit crazy if you think about it; that the creator of the heavens and the earth would be interested in listening to anything that we would have to say. Despite our low self-esteem it is true He is interested in everything that happens to us. The Bible says that He knows how many hairs are on our head, if He is that detailed this proves He’s interested in our lives. So set aside the low self-esteem, our poor self-image and believe that He is interested in listening to everything that we have to say. Talking to someone that isn’t even in front of us seems a bit wild but the idea of flying was a bit wild until the Wright brothers dealt with it. There always has to be a pioneer to do it once before everyone else follows. When it comes to our own lives we must be that pioneer. Trust in God – He will never leave you nor will he forsake you. If you decide to take the plunge this will be one journey you’ll never regret.

Musings of Norbert