The Genesis of “I Have A Dream”

As our nation takes time today to remember the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, my heart swells with joy. “I Have A Dream” was a speech that captivated a nation. It was 1,700 words combined with the action of a man driven to abolish injustice that ignited change. The source of my joy is that Dr. King echoed the heart of the Father he served. Dr. King was a preacher, a lover of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is his example that demand believers to hear the heart of our Lord and respond. There is no such thing as a separation of Church and State. When you remove God, injustice flourishes, then when it cannot no longer be tolerated God raises a deliever to end it. Let history remind us of how futile life is without Jesus. I don’t have the answer to our nations problems but I know the One who does. Let’s turn toward the person of Jesus to find the answers. Dr. King pursued the heart of The Dream Maker, as a result “I Have Dream” became a reality. God Bless.

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