3 Ways To Know You Have Heard From God

Knowing that you have heard from God is a thrill.  Take a step back and let it set in – we can actually talk to the creator of the universe!  However, there are many obstacles that attempt to distract us from His voice. There are 3 surefire tests that will confirm you have heard from God or just ate something bad before bedtime. 1.  What you think He said is confirmed in the Word. (Oh yes, God can talk to you about your rent, DTE bill, or that crazy husband/wife) 2.  Consult with a mentor or at least someone that has a deep relationship with our Lord. 3.  What He says creates a “Peace that surpasses all understanding”. All three must confirm.  1 out of 3 or even 2 out of 3 will not work.  All three must confirm.  Once that happens, open the door and kick doubt out and live your life!

Musings of Norbert