Pastor Saeed Abedini

This morning as I arrived home from taking my kids to school; the Lord reminded me about an article I had read several months ago, regarding an American-Iranian Pastor who was arrested, imprisoned and tortured in Iran for being a Christian.  I realize this is not the first story of such acts, however, the Lord brought this to mind, so I pay attention. As I began praying and searching for updates on his situation, interestingly today marked the first year anniversary of his imprisonment.  This tragedy is a grim reminder to all believers that it is possible to be persecuted for our faith.  If you believe this could never happen on our shores, history would disagree.  Let’s not forget that only a generation ago a person of color was considered inferior and it took a preacher, Dr. Martin Luther King, to become the catalyst for change. Search your heart and listen to the leading of God for direction.  Our Father is a master conductor that can make any broken instrument sound pleasing again.  If your life is unsatisfied, empty or if you “tried” Jesus before and it didn’t work out, give Him another chance. Pray for this Pastor and his family.  Let his story encourage us not only to grow closer to Christ, but act.  Go to and sign the petition or tweet #savesaeed.  I maybe a bit old school but if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. I love the quote made by Japanese Admiral Isoroku in the movie Pearl Harbor (2001) “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant”.  Time to wake up church.  We don’t need violence to cause change; our prayers, voices and dollars will do all the work for us. Prayerfully consider this matter and may the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ find a place in all of us.

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