Halloween 2013

Let’s keep this on the “down low” or the “QT” (my slang isn’t very good) – I did go trick or treating as a kid. GASP! Growing up in Detroit was a blast because the houses were so close and we knew most of the neighbors – so the thought of being kidnapped or needles placed in our candy never occurred to us. I remember coming home with pillow cases full of candy, yes, Pillow Cases! I was a dentist’s worst nightmare. That was a long time ago, times are much different now. Not only has violence on children increased; our innocent approach to a holiday that has its roots in cultic practices is confusing. I don’t know about you, but exposing my kids to terror and then laughing seems a bit twisted. Life by itself has enough evil; no need to celebrate a day that glorifies it. Now before you call me a party-pooper or killjoy, hear me out. Instead of celebrating a day in which the dead supposedly come back to wreak havoc, we’ve created an alternative. Every Halloween we, www.bethesdabible.com , have a Harvest Fest. People decorate their vehicles and hand out candy, five different bounce houses and a ship (converted school bus) where the kids will have to defeat Captain Hook to get the treasure (tooth decaying delicacies!) are just some of the cool things kids will be able to participate in. Kids dress up in their favorite Superhero or Disney character; just don’t dress them up like a werewolf that’s been strung out on meth. I like sleep and don’t want my kids up every hour worrying about this carnivore sneaking up into their room and making them a midnight snack. Everyone in the community is invited to come. You don’t attend our church? So what- come out and have fun. There is no charge, popcorn will be provided. Our goal is to give the children of our community a safe environment to have fun. The date is October 31st from 6-8pm. Hope to see you there.

Musings of Norbert