The question of how to pray is often asked; as if there was a standard “best practices” way to attract the ear of God? However, Jesus did give us an example to follow, which is commonly known as the Lord’s Prayer. I spoke on this topic some time ago and don’t wish to be redundant, today anyhow. The prayer in a nutshell is for His will to be done. Sounds like a monumental task but like with every other difficult concept there is always an allegory to make it more understandable. So here it is: How do you eat an elephant? Yes, yes, you overachievers-one bite at a time. I am sitting in my warm house, enjoying the beautiful snow. That same snow and cold that brings a smile to my face is the same weather that can put a homeless man in the grave. So I see it this way, before praying for my happiness and comfort, I should pray for His will. I am confident that He is far more capable of keeping all of us if we would just trust in Him. Sounds easy in writing, but it is not. One day at a time! After all, He is call The Savior for a reason. Merry Christmas.

Musings of Norbert