Worthless is an ugly word!  Worthless has roommates, such as: despair, depression, chaos, confusion and these are just a few.  Defeating these feelings that have become reality takes practice.  For the sake of simplicity, lets focus on two ways of whooping this feeling and changing your life. 1.   Reason for feeling worthless: Some told you so! Solution: “TURN THE TV OFF”.  Learning to shut the voices off in your head that have spoken ill about you is a tremendous skill.  Once learned, it’s as easy as turning the television off.  The words of another must not rule your life!  Now you may spend time thinking about those negative comments someone made, searching for tidbits of truth to help improve yourself.  Let me make something clear: if someone is tearing you down, typically it is not for the reason of building you up.  If you want to improve yourself, do it on your own schedule and with someone who cares!  Practice makes perfect.  Rehearse over and over turning off the voices that pull you down.  It will become as simple as pointing the remote and turning that TV off. 2.  Reason for feeling worthless: Not being who you are suppose to be! Solution: Jesus said that if you lose the reason you are put on this earth, you become worthless (Matt. 5:13-16 NLT).  The Bible makes it clear why we are here.  Oh, I guess you want me to tell you.  Hmmmm…. Ok.  In the scripture reference above it says we are to attract people to Him!  That simple.  We are to be salty so that people thirst for Him, we are a city on a hill that everyone can see, we are a light that draws people.  Don’t complicate things by moving five steps ahead trying to figure this out.  First learn to be attractive.  I’m not talking about getting a gym membership and look like a swimsuit or GQ model but let the Holy Spirit create a beauty in you that can only be tracked back to God. Learn to draw people to His love, He will take over from there. Defeating worthlessness is only the first step in becoming everything God has planned for you.  In life there are many little battles that ultimately determine the outcome of your life. Choose today to take on this battle and win.  Tomorrow will be another day.  Own the day because He is for you not against you! Norbert

Musings of Norbert