Road Trip

Road trips are blast mostly because of the drama that happens during the drive.  Ever run out of gas, break down, get stuck in construction for what seems to be a year?  It’s these experiences that turn into tales and then the older we get morph into legend (albeit, the memory tends to be grossly exaggerated as time passes but hey, who’s counting). Road trips are just one example of how experiences mold who we become.  Just for the record, my mother always told me never to put in writing things I didn’t want people to know, so I refuse to share some of my stories, although the statute of limitations should have expired, but I would rather be safe than sorry 🙂 This brings us to the main point.  Jesus said that He is the Way- the Message Version says He is the Road… to the Father (John 14:6 ).  A relationship with Jesus is a road trip! During our walk, ride, drive, flight with Him there are going to be obstacles, challenges, frustrations and just plain dumb things happen.  That is par for the course.  Instead of, allowing the uncomfortableness (yes, I did use a word my spell check refuses to recognize) of travel ruin the trip, laugh through the pain; thank Him that for allowing you on the trip.  Ugly situations are perfect opportunities to make life better. Choose Jesus.  Choose to understand who He really is, not just what you’ve heard on television or in church.  Discover Him for yourself and I guarantee He will exchange your sorrow for happiness.  Own the day! Norbert

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