In the Dark?

The word darkness in the Christian world often elicit images of Satan dressed in red with horns and a tail holding a pitch fork.  In my opinion, darkness has gotten a bad rap.  For instance, who would want to sleep in broad daylight? Or who would pay $10 to see a movie with all the lights on?  Here is the dealer breaker for me, Godzilla lives in the deep dark sea waiting to rescue mankind!  Yes! Gotta come back to reality before someone begins to take me too seriously! 🙂 Like a seed God will often plant us in the ground.  Surrounded by darkness and in cramped quarters is where God does His best work.  Before we can blossom we must be planted. A great advantage is knowing the difference between darkness that harms and darkness that helps create.  The Bible says that His sheep know His voice.  The importance of having a deep relationship with Jesus Christ can never be overstated.  The deeper the relationship, the deeper the understanding.  Understanding will calm the nerves, settle the upset stomach, quiet the raging storm and quicken the blossoming process.  You were born to shine.  Have a great day!

Musings of Norbert