Education Is Not The Answer

STOP! Before you throw rocks or call my children names, hear me out. In the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”, Will Smith portrays the real life story of Chris Gardner- a homeless father turned into a multi-million dollar stockbroker.  There is a poignant moment in the movie, in which Mr. Gardner confirms in separate interviews, when he sees a man pull up in a hot red Ferrari.  Amazed by the car he stops the driver and asks what he did for a living, his answer – stock broker.  From that day forward he set his mind on getting the education needed to become a stock broker, so that he could buy that car. This story makes a powerful point: It wasn’t his education that started him on his road to success but the POSSIBILITY of having something so nice that created a hunger.  Hunger then became the catalyst to the most powerful force in learning- a question (What can I do to make enough money to own a Ferrari).  Possibility opens the door to an education. The “American Dream” is another example of possibility!  Hard work and the right knowledge, anything is possible. A statement Dr. Myles Munroe made years ago still echoes in my heart today, “All you know is what you’ve learned and what you’ve learned isn’t all that there is to know”. Let’s conclude with one final supporting point that possibility incites the hunger for learning and that education guides us down a prosperous path – The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5).  This most famous sermon preached by Jesus is based on possibility. 1. It is possible that Kingdom of Heaven can be yours, if you recognize you are spiritually poor and it is only through God that we can be truly satisfied! 2. It is possible to be comforted, all you got to do is mourn! The knowledge that God sent the Holy Spirit as the “Comforter” is hmmm? Comforting? 3.  It is possible to inherit the earth, be meek (power under control). 4. It is possible to live right, you just have to get thirsty and hunger for it.  Reminder: Hunger causes questions, questions get answered, hunger disappears. 5.  It is possible to receive mercy, you just got to give it. 6.  This is a good one: Want to see God? It is possible! You just have to have a pure heart. How do you have a pure heart? Good Question! Search the Bible. 7.  It is possible to get your reputation repaired.  Be a peacemaker and people will call you a child of God instead of all those other unpleasant names. 8.  You really want Heaven on earth?  It’s possible.  When you are ridiculed, put down, demoted, hurt because of your belief in Jesus and still love, it’s yours! An education is more than how many words we’ve read, rather, have those words become alive in us; can we finally say we’ve learned. Possibility creates a hunger; that hunger searches for answers (education), ignorance eradicated!  End of story. Norbert out!  

Musings of Norbert