Monthly Archives: July 2014

When Jesus Isn’t Enough

Many years have passed and so many great things have happened since, but I still remember.  The pain has been taken away but the memory remains. Those words, those dreadful, awful words ” I’m sorry but there is no cardiac activity”, said the doctor in the most compassionate way possible.  See Rachel and I had […]

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How To Talk

Conversation is an art form that takes practice; so many words and combinations to choose from.  Throw in the misunderstood “tweet” and text jargon, we are in a world of hurt.  But alas, there is help! Now this piece is only going to cover an actual human to human contact conversation.  I’ll give credit where […]

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Celebrating 53 years of Ministry!

In July, 53 years ago Rev. M.D.”Mom” Beall ordained and sent out my wife’s grandparents to establish a church in a city whose name most people cannot pronounce, Ypsilanti. After many successful years of ministry, Pastors Elton and Judith Weatherly handed the baton over to their daughter and son-in-law, Apostles Leon and Ann Johnson. Over […]

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Musings of Norbert