How To Talk

Conversation is an art form that takes practice; so many words and combinations to choose from.  Throw in the misunderstood “tweet” and text jargon, we are in a world of hurt.  But alas, there is help! Now this piece is only going to cover an actual human to human contact conversation.  I’ll give credit where credit is due, whoever came up with LOL was a mastermind (probably a twelve year old).  Think about how much time could be saved during an actual conversation if we could use “LOL’; instead of “wow, that is so funny, I can’t believe that happened..”, leaving the door open for the person to continue when you’ve been waiting to go the bathroom for six hours or have to pick up your kid who is always the last one to be picked up. So here are a few tips: 1.  Always have a plan: In a hurry? A simple “Hello, it’s good to see you” will suffice. Be sincere and genuine. Body language is louder than words; if the person wants more of your time, be honest and make an effort to connect at a more mutually convenient time. 2.  Understand limitations. Barring emergencies, set time aside for quality conversation with loved ones, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, clients/patients. Time isn’t limitless, nor is our expertise. If you are trying to have quality time with your spouse in the middle of a daycare center, understand the possibility of failure is ummm….certain!  Similarly, if someone comes asking advice on how to build a time machine; with overwhelming confidence you can say no, end of talk! 3.  Stop talking about yourself: People love talking about themselves! Don’t believe me? Go to this fairly popular website called Facebook.  Here is the url just in case you’ve never heard about it; never mind, if you haven’t heard about Facebook chances are you’ve just spent ten minutes sounding out “url”. LOL!!!!  There is a fine balance in a conversation; give and take. Learn to be a good listener so that you will have actual friends, not just ones that hit the “Like” button when you’ve just informed everyone that a truck just ran you over. People are important to God, so they should be to us too.  Enjoy each other, after all we are His greatest love.        

Musings of Norbert