Cutting Through The Minutia

Minutia is such a fun word to say!  Come on, try it… “min-new-sha” (phonetically spelled, of course).  Go ahead, run around the house bobbing your head side to side saying it over and over again, like a 2nd grader… now stop and let’s try to be adults, which I find very difficult to do.The purpose of this piece is to debunk, refute, shoot down and cut through all the misunderstandings about the presence of God. Being in the “presence of God” are not code words used by Christians to prove their a believer! I believe the reason most Christians fail to walk out their faith is because they fail to understand that the whole purpose of being a Christian is based on the understanding of His presence.  We are trained to “Read the Bible” and “Pray”, however, if we never learn the purpose of these two disciplines we fail.  Praying and reading His Word escorts us into His prescence; teaches us how to behave in His prescence and teaches us how to live in this world. The root of our struggles can be found in our inability to spend time in His presence.  The awkwardness of sitting quietly waiting for this booming voice to call out our name is not uncommon. The uncertainty of knowing if He even listens to what we have to say cause us to sheepishly avoid discovering the power of His prescence.  His way of doing things are far greater then ours, trust Him to teach you this new way of life, trust Him despite the lack of goosebumps or “feelings” you get or do not get. Take time to understand that being in His prescence is possible, even though you haven’t behaved like a monk in the last 30 days. Repent, come back to Christ and ask Him what it means to “abide” in Him.  I am convinced that as the violence and chaos continue to rise in the world around us, so will His prescence. This isn’t a comprehensive piece on the presence of God, but a starting point for many that are struggling to move beyond yesterday’s disappointments.  Have a geat week and live life out loud!

Musings of Norbert