As many of you know, since January 2014 we have been spending more time teaching on the subject of tithing.  Over the years, I have been amazed how little believers know about the TITHE.  In this piece I won’t be discussing it but would like to share a testimony of someone who has understood, implemented and reaped the benefits of obeying God’s Word as it relates to tithing. Our financial goal at Bethesda is not to raise a $1,000,000,000 or $5.  Our financial goal is that every member be obedient to God’s Word and tithe 10% of their income. Many studies show that most churches, less than 10% of their members tithe!  Because we love Him, we obey Him-In return he blesses us beyond what we can imagine. There are over a dozen testimonies of how God has caused financial increase in someone’s life here at Bethesda.  I will be sharing them with you over the next several months.  Honor God in all your ways, including good stewardship of your finances and He will be sure to bless you richly.  I hope you enjoy the following testimony. God Bless. Dear Pastors, When Henry and I got married and merged our finances, we have been operating with the tithe on his income going to Bethesda, and the tithe on my income going to the The Bridge Chapel, with offerings going to both churches. Even though my tithe has not come directly to Bethesda, it has gone to the Kingdom, and I feel I have benefited from the weekly confession you use to declare and decree certain things.  Since 2010 I have been working an additional part time job. At that time the church was having financial difficulties and we weren’t always able to receive pay checks (things are much better now … hallelujah!!). I did resign when we got married, but the owner made it very lucrative and Henry and I decided I should stay. This second job has grown progressively, resulting in MUCH more pressure and stress, and Henry and I recently decided that I would retire from there and take my Social Security, and keep working at the church. Amazingly my Social Security net will be $68 more per month than I was bringing home from that job … how like God to be sure I experienced NO lack !! The kicker, however, is because I have reached full retirement age (67), instead of taking retirement in August, I can make it retro six months … so my first payment will be $12,991.00 …  WOW !!!!!  I have read so much info on the internet and never saw anything about making it retro … the lady on the phone explained things to me, and I was shocked … and VERY BLESSED!!!  Thanks for your time … this news was just too good and needed to be shared! Blessings, Nancy

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