Ah, the most difficult part of a blog is writing your own bio. I’m going to attempt to make myself sound so interesting that you will be compelled to follow my every word. So here it goes… wish me luck. My name is Norbert. I’ve been married to the girl of my dreams for 18 years. After several years of struggling to have children, we were blessed with four amazing children. I’ve been employed by Bethesda Bible Church in Ypsilanti, MI for over 15 years. I’ve been a Youth Pastor, Business Administrator and now Rachel and I serve as co-pastors with Apostles Leon and Johnson (by the way they are my in-laws; talk about job security -just kidding) . Now all that above stuff describes what I’ve accomplished, but how I got there is an interesting tale; a cross between the American dream and a Greek tragedy. I was “called” to the “ministry” at the age of 13. Not positive what “called” and “ministry” meant caused me many years of confusion. Although, I’ve been full-time ministry for 15 years, I also got this entrepreneur bug in me, I love business. Well, I’ve raced cars, hunted big game, owned a junkyard, trade currencies (Forex) and done many other things that your stereotypical Pastor typically doesn’t do. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that as long as Jesus is #1 in my life, I’ll be o.k. The purpose of my blog is to go through the Word of God with you while sharing how it’s application saved my life on so many levels. Hope you can stay awake 🙂

Musings of Norbert