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David’s Introduction to the World Part II

As the story of David and Goliath unfolds, Samuel intentionally spends time describing Goliath’s physical attributes. He introduces Goliath with the fact that he was a champion. Then he goes into his height (over 9ft tall!) and wingspan. If that wasn’t enough he points out how heavy the armor he wore weighed. This description was […]

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David’s Introduction to the World

David was first introduced to the world when he battled the giant, Goliath. Now, I realize this story is very popular in children’s Sunday school, however, it cannot be isolated into simply a children’s tale. This will be the first of many posts about this battle between David and Goliath. What stands out immediately as […]

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David: A Complicated Man

David is a fascinating character to study. He is so complicated. In one sense he seems to be on track like every other megalomaniacal tyrant by naming a city after himself, the City of David,. Then in an other you have this story. One day David and his men are resting between battles with the […]

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