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Getting Directions and Answers

Many of us walk through life following the motions of Christianity but not really knowing Jesus Christ. One of the primary reasons why we do this is because we don’t understand fully what is expected of us as believers. To traverse over this obstacle we must employ two solutions: the first being prayer and the […]

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Dealing with Disappointment

Before we continue our study of the life of David, I want to take a moment and make something very clear. The Bible is not a book full of metaphors to help us become “better”, the Bible is not a collection of fairy tales or fables. The Bible is a compilation of stories, stories about […]

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My Humble Opinion on the Bible

The Bible is the ultimate book. It is the inspired Word of God, that should be used to guide our lives. However, you would think that a book that has all the answers should be read and studied by all, well it’s not. With all the “Thou’s” and “Shalt’s” folks can be easily deterred. Many […]

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Musings of Norbert