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Love Is A Two Way Street

It has been said that “Love is a two way street”. The message is clear that one must both give and get in a relationship. However, there is another subtle nugget to be mined and that is you must be ON the street to find LOVE! Many of us have been wounded by the sharp […]

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Halloween 2013

Let’s keep this on the “down low” or the “QT” (my slang isn’t very good) – I did go trick or treating as a kid. GASP! Growing up in Detroit was a blast because the houses were so close and we knew most of the neighbors – so the thought of being kidnapped or needles […]

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Pastor Saeed Abedini

This morning as I arrived home from taking my kids to school; the Lord reminded me about an article I had read several months ago, regarding an American-Iranian Pastor who was arrested, imprisoned and tortured in Iran for being a Christian.  I realize this is not the first story of such acts, however, the Lord brought this to mind, so […]

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Praise In The Parking Lot

It is the night before uh, um…PRAISE IN THE PARKING LOT! There is not a sound in the house because those that set up all day are worn out or others are preparing for an incredible Sunday. We, as a church, want to formally invite everyone in the community to join us for a spectacular […]

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Faith Vs. Being Crazy

Oscar Levant said “There is a fine line between genius and insanity, I have erased this line”. The same idea applies to having faith and being considered crazy. Take the Florida woman who was running for mayor of North Miami. She claimed to be “endorsed by Jesus”. As a believer, I’ll admit, I kinda of […]

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