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5 Keys To A Better Life

Obstacles in life aren’t there for us to conquer, their purpose is to prevent us from moving off course.  Understand that more time must be spent on where we are going and not becoming a master at overcoming obstacles.  There is no joy in overcoming if we are never moving forward.  There is no victory […]

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3 Ways To Know You Have Heard From God

Knowing that you have heard from God is a thrill.  Take a step back and let it set in – we can actually talk to the creator of the universe!  However, there are many obstacles that attempt to distract us from His voice. There are 3 surefire tests that will confirm you have heard from […]

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The Genesis of “I Have A Dream”

As our nation takes time today to remember the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, my heart swells with joy. “I Have A Dream” was a speech that captivated a nation. It was 1,700 words combined with the action of a man driven to abolish injustice that ignited change. The source of my joy […]

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Being Certain About Hearing God

The question I get asked often is how can you be certain that God has spoken to you?  I believe there are 3 sure-fire ways to know with certainty He has. 1. Does the Bible support it? This one is a little touchy because if you don’t know the Word, you’ll think I’m crazy.  For instance, […]

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Bethesda’s “Reach” Plan

Evangelism is a foundation word in Christianity; the concept is “to share the gospel”. What is the gospel? It is simply “the good news of Jesus Christ”. I will use another entry to break that down, but for now I want to stress the importance having a plan “to share the gospel”. Here at Bethesda […]

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Musings of Norbert