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His Way Of Doing Things

We all have heard a song for the first time and suddenly, without warning it collides with all we have become up until that very point. As if, the songwriter was thinking of our life while putting the masterpiece together. It becomes “your” song or “our” song. The music speaks to us, in some sort […]

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Pebbles in Your Pocket

We have all heard the saying at one time or another “he is throwing his weight around” or “he’s the heavyweight around the company” – this statement is not talkin’ about a person’s waist size but the power or the authority they have in a specific sphere. However, we can take a lesson or two […]

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Personal Vision Statement

Now that I’ve posted the Family Vision Statement, it is only natural to talk a bit about a Personal Vision Statement.  My personal vision statement is “To Help People”.  The best way I think I can fulfill that statement is through Jesus Christ.  Now the “how-to” through Jesus is expansive. However, one way I’m fulfilling it, is […]

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The Family Vision

Every corporation, athlete and world changer has one: A Vision! Seeing yourself as you would like to become one day begins here, a Vision. I believe that not only should every person should have one but every family. There should be something in writing that helps guide your “tribe”. I’ve put the one Rachel and […]

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Musings of Norbert