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As many of you know, since January 2014 we have been spending more time teaching on the subject of tithing.  Over the years, I have been amazed how little believers know about the TITHE.  In this piece I won’t be discussing it but would like to share a testimony of someone who has understood, implemented […]

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Love Is A Two Way Street

It has been said that “Love is a two way street”. The message is clear that one must both give and get in a relationship. However, there is another subtle nugget to be mined and that is you must be ON the street to find LOVE! Many of us have been wounded by the sharp […]

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Halloween 2013

Let’s keep this on the “down low” or the “QT” (my slang isn’t very good) – I did go trick or treating as a kid. GASP! Growing up in Detroit was a blast because the houses were so close and we knew most of the neighbors – so the thought of being kidnapped or needles […]

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Musings of Norbert