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Worthless is an ugly word!  Worthless has roommates, such as: despair, depression, chaos, confusion and these are just a few.  Defeating these feelings that have become reality takes practice.  For the sake of simplicity, lets focus on two ways of whooping this feeling and changing your life. 1.   Reason for feeling worthless: Some told […]

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Pastor Saeed Abedini

This morning as I arrived home from taking my kids to school; the Lord reminded me about an article I had read several months ago, regarding an American-Iranian Pastor who was arrested, imprisoned and tortured in Iran for being a Christian.  I realize this is not the first story of such acts, however, the Lord brought this to mind, so […]

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The Genesis of “I Have A Dream”

As our nation takes time today to remember the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, my heart swells with joy. “I Have A Dream” was a speech that captivated a nation. It was 1,700 words combined with the action of a man driven to abolish injustice that ignited change. The source of my joy […]

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Faith Vs. Being Crazy

Oscar Levant said “There is a fine line between genius and insanity, I have erased this line”. The same idea applies to having faith and being considered crazy. Take the Florida woman who was running for mayor of North Miami. She claimed to be “endorsed by Jesus”. As a believer, I’ll admit, I kinda of […]

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How To Deal With Confusion

To say the friendship between David and Jonathan is complex would be an understatement. However, many would agree that their relationship echoes our own lives. The life we planned, the one with 2.5 kids, a house with a white picket fence and a dog that didn’t poop everywhere, didn’t pan out for most of us- […]

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Musings of Norbert