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Wednesday Series on David

Video: Samuel: David’s Example “Click on link to watch” Thanks.

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David and Nabal Part 2

There is a time in all our lives that we must stand on our own two feet. It’s sort of a “rite of passage”; when we come to believe in ourself, when the realization that we are on this world for a reason sets in. Sadly, not everyone embraces this time. David is faced with […]

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David’s Disappointment Part 2

This story continues to lead us to David’s first major disappointment. Saul is now troubled and bothered by an “evil spirit” and his not too wise counselors are going to help him out. Instead of giving him the right advice – he should’ve repented to God and Samuel so that maybe his final years as […]

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David: A Complicated Man

David is a fascinating character to study. He is so complicated. In one sense he seems to be on track like every other megalomaniacal tyrant by naming a city after himself, the City of David,. Then in an other you have this story. One day David and his men are resting between battles with the […]

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Musings of Norbert