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God Will Send Help

Time to return to the saga of David; in this piece we will explore how God sent David tangible help in his greatest hour of need. David is facing, I believe, one of his greatest challenges.  His expectations and trust had just been crushed by his mentor, Saul.  David has every reason to hate leadership, […]

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David’s Disappointment Part 2

This story continues to lead us to David’s first major disappointment. Saul is now troubled and bothered by an “evil spirit” and his not too wise counselors are going to help him out. Instead of giving him the right advice – he should’ve repented to God and Samuel so that maybe his final years as […]

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David’s Introduction to the World Part IV (Final)

As we close this story of David’s life, most know that David defeats Goliath with a single sling shot blow to the head. Subsequently, the Philitstines are routed by the Israelite army. There are two glaring points that I don’t want to be overlooked by the whole granduer of the story. David had to deal […]

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Musings of Norbert